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                                     Terms and conditions of rental vehicle brokerage

 General information
49100 Corfu, GR TRAVEL provides rental cars between the car rental partner of ALPHA - rent a car in Corfu and its customers. Relevant legal liability relations between GR TRAVEL come and the customer come therefore, only to the extent staged, provided they relate to the pure mediation.

 Rental conditions
The driver must have reached the age of 21 and be in possession of a valid European driving licence.

 Booking process
With your online booking, send us a binding registration. The reservation is valid only from us as accepted if this is due to us in writing via Email with the booking confirmation/invoice has been confirmed.
If the desired vehicle is booked up, so the customer will automatically receive the next higher category of vehicle without paying a surcharge.
The Deposit in the amount of 10% after receipt of the e-mail confirmation by Bank Transfer to the account specified due.
The rest sum is paid only on the ground when the vehicle is handed over cash or with credit card you.

  Flight times
The customer is obliged to provide the flight details on GR TRAVEL. This includes the departure airport, flight number, the airline and the arrival time in Corfu. In flight shifts or delays the customer has to communicate in immediately.
Please do not remove itself in case of a change in flight time from the airport lobby. Wait definitely in the airport lobby because we are just waiting for you there.

 Vehicle pick-up
Alpha rent a car maintains no expensive airport switch, but expected personally in the arrivals hall. Thus we can offer much cheaper rental rates.
The customer is expected in the reception area of the airport with a sign ("ALPHA rent a car") by an employee or employees. Meeting point is always the airport lobby/arrival hall behind the luggage straps. We miss us, please wait in the lobby and hold (if available and specified number) listening on your mobile phone.
The remaining rental fee is to be paid in cash or with credit card to the employee or the employee at conclusion of the contract.
The rental vehicle can be passed to the accommodation or a fixed location of the Exchange. The return is usually the location of the Exchange or at the airport.

Fees for cancellations and reservation changes
Free booking modifications and free booking cancellations. If you need to change your booking or cancel for any reason, we will not charge you for that. We only ask that you inform us as soon as possible so that we can offer your car to another customer.

Is there an English speaking contact person for emergency on-site?
Yes, you will receive all necessary emergency numbers. GR TRAVEL is your partner in the booking phase and also in case of emergency on site (24 h).

Are child seats available?
Yes. Please specify this request (and the age of the children) at the time of booking. If available, you will receive free of charge an appropriate child safety seat.

The rental price does not include
1. Fuel
The fuel that is consumed during the rental period, is not in the price included.
Traffic fines
2. Parking fines for illegal parking or driving too fast during the rental period, subject to your responsibility and must be paid by you.

The rental price includes a fully comprehensive insurance without excess.
No insurance cover is provided under the following circumstances:
Drive the vehicle without a valid driving licence.
Drive the vehicle under alcohol or medications / drugs.
Under ground, tire damage and key loss or damage are not included in the comprehensive insurance coverage. Vehicles may not be used in rough terrain. Furthermore, destruction (except in the case of an accident, police reported) to the interior (upholstery, etc) are not insured and you must be paid on the spot. There is an insurance coverage in the amount of EUR 500 000.00.

 Return of the vehicle
The rental car must, unless otherwise agreed, be returned to the employee or the employee at the airport. Here are the return periods in the contract on the spot.

Extensions / late vehicle returnd:
Rental extensions: If you want a rental extension on site, so call the office in Corfu no later than 2 days before the official end of the lease. If an extension is possible, so must the remaining rental fee on site, be paid in cash.
 Delayed vehicle return: unauthorised extensions without registration and confirmation from ALPHA rent a car are not permitted. The specified by you and confirmed by us rental is decisive. Should a vehicle later appear as busy, are the costs incurred on the spot in cash or be to charged by invoice. Please note so on the timely return of the rental car. This arrangement is necessary because the vehicle rented by you immediately enters on the return day the scheduled rental and the next tenant must get his vehicle on time.
The following costs can incur on a delayed return:
.Staff costs for waiting times (per additional hour 10,00 EUR)
.Taxi fees of the new tenant, which we pay in advance.
. Another rental day for the vehicle booked by you.
. Costs for any legal claims of the new tenant.

 Crossings on the Greek mainland:
Crossings on the Greek mainland are generally only with our written permission. Please note that in the case of a vehicle damage (whether due to technical failure or accident) a replacement vehicle only on the island of Corfu can be provided. Ferry costs for the Crossing, as well as any additional costs (Hotel, etc) you are fully at your expense and are not included in the insurance line.

Maintenance of the vehicle
The rental vehicles are not subject to to mileage limits.
The vehicle is cleaned and inspected. Filth in the Interior is to dispose of before the return by the renter.
GR TRAVEL Corfu, 08 November 2023


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