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General information
Dear customers,
CORFU GREECE TRAVEL GR offers on its web pages Vacation Rentals and Villas on Corfu island that have been tested by ourselves.
By booking through GR TRAVEL CORFU GREECE creates a rental agreement between the property owner (landlord) and the traveller (customer). GR TRAVEL is not a tour operator and has all tenants explicitly point out that all of GR TRAVEL deals initiated contracts for the rental of holiday accommodation (leases) are not to GR TRAVEL, but always closed directly with the owner.
GR TRAVEL assumes the role of the travel agent by processing requests any type of customer in the name of the owner. We do not offer accommodations ((holiday homes, holiday apartments and holiday) or other services on behalf of GR TRAVEL. It is the responsibility of the travel agent to make available to him leave the relevant information about the lodging to the Internet and to the tourists with its decision to advise side stand. Here, the retailer is dependent on the statements of the owner and can not be held responsible for their accuracy. The General rental terms and conditions of the respective landlord, are located on the web pages with detailed information about the corresponding House apply to the lease. The provision of the rental agreement benefits - in particular the provision of the holiday home as such - does not belong to the contractual obligations of GR TRAVEL. The contractual obligation of GR TRAVEL resulting from the proper placement of holiday accommodation. The property owner is responsible for the provision of the booked holiday.. ,
At a success of your holiday also contribute clear agreements on mutual rights and obligations that we want to meet with you in the form of the following provisions.

Holiday accommodation contract mediation
A binding contract is concluded by taking your Internet reservation or booking by telephone or written - the lease is binding in accordance with the tender, i.e. the content of the contract shall be determined according to the valid Internet representation and the written confirmation - and learn about this by sending a confirmation.
By sending the completed booking order form, the prospective tenant acknowledges the general terms and conditions of the GR TRAVEL CORFU GREECE as binding.
GR TRAVEL CORFU GREECE will clarify with the respective landlord, whether the availability of the accommodation to the requested booking period is guaranteed and whether he would accept the offer at the end of the lease.
GR TRAVEL CORFU GREECE expressly indicates that no agency can be guaranteed before it is settled with the landlord whether the availability at the time and the landlord would accept the booking offer of the prospective tenants. The mediation of GR TRAVEL is connected to no cost for the tenant.

Terms of payment
The pre-payment is usually 10-30% of the rental fee and must deal with our account within 15 days of the date of the confirmation/invoice. No fee is charged for the placement performance.
GR TRAVEL takes not deposits or Outstanding against. Advance payments will be paid directly to the landlord (or an alternate designated by him). The customer obliged himself on the day of arrival payment of the outstanding balance, if not otherwise regulated, payable directly with the landlord/Deputy or payments on the spot in cash paid the landlord or paid directly to the account of the lessor. Are not stipulated in the contract payments, which can be interpreted as withdrawal of the tenant from the lease. Thus, the specified there payments are due.
Without full payment of the deposit is not entitled to the accommodation. Ancillary costs such as electricity, gas, water, taxes, unless otherwise noted, are included in the rental price.

Keys, arrival and departure times, driving directions
Accommodation-specific information about who the customer to obtain the key, designed as the departure and arrival times are, as he comes to the accommodation, and the customer learns more travel-related details, either on the website by phone, by E-Mail on request or at the latest at the time of booking. Upon arrival at the rental, the renter has the booking confirmation to submit unsolicited. Usually, the check-in from 13: 00 is possible. Earlier arrival dates check please contact us. If the tenant can only arrive after 21: 00 on the property, he should be sure let us know. The check-out is until 12: 00 (late check-out on request)).

Cancellation by the customer, rebooking, substitution and cancellation fees.
The tenant can at any time withdraw from the lease, make a transfer or a replacement tenant. The explanation for Cancellation / Change or replacement tenant is effective from the day on which it is received by us in writing.
In case of cancellation, a transfer and the naming of replacement persons by the tenant after the lease, the lease, as well as the General rental terms and conditions of the respective landlord, which can be found on the Internet page with the detailed information to the respective accommodation apply.
Until the beginning of the lease, the tenant can be replaced by another appropriate person after notice to the landlord. An increase in the number of persons per dwelling is possible as it allows the style and facilities of the residential object only to the extent. This requires the express consent of the lessor. The landlord may charge for additional rental costs.
Should be made in the lease no other regulation, following flat cancellation charges:
For a cancellation up to 60 days prior to arrival a fee amounting to 5% of the rent is due, but at least € 40.00. If you have already paid payment the balance will be refunded.

a) In case of cancellation 60-30 days before arrival 10% of the rental price.
b) In case of cancellation 30-7 days before arrival 20% of the rental price.
c) In case of cancellation 7 - 1 day before arrival 30% of the rental price.
d) In case of cancellation on the day of the rental period or no show 50% of the rental price.

For no show the accommodation is regained for rent 24 hours after the arrival date. The right to respect of the object no longer exists then. The cancellation fee is in any case minimum 40,00 €.

Force Majeure
Is the rental of the rented property due to unforeseen storyline or due to force majeure (E.g. natural disasters, political unrest, war, earthquake, strikes, transportation difficulties or epidemics, etc.) considerably impeded, endangered or affected, so both the tenant and the landlord can terminate the contract. Upon termination, the tenant immediately gets back the paid rent.There is no further entitlement. These circumstances arise after the start of the lease, the lease may be terminated by either side. The tenant receives a prorated rent refund.

A trip cancellation insurance is not usually included in the leases of the lessor. Recommend purchasing a travel cancellation insurance and additional insurance. In addition, a travel or health insurance might for the tenants want, because even small accidents cause quickly considerable costs, which are not necessarily covered by insurance.

Obligations and liabilities of GR Travel
GR TRAVEL CORFU GREECE as holiday accommodation provider is not responsible that a corresponding binding booking on behalf of the lessee contract is concluded with the landlord of the holiday accommodation. The success of mediation itself is not owed to so.
GR TRAVEL mediation includes a thorough information, counselling and selection of available rental properties on the Internet. The travel agent has to fulfill his obligations arising from the mediation as an ordinary businessman. In this respect, the service to be provided by GR TRAVEL is only the conscientious business care, so the mediation carried out with commercial diligence, a lease contract between the tenant and the landlord.
GR TRAVEL is obliged not to the examination of the information of the service providers and is liable to the tenant for the accuracy of the information provided by the landlord, unless GR TRAVEL not grossly negligent or intentionally false transmits this data or transmit these data despite weighty concerns about its accuracy. The same applies to other information contained on this website and have been provided by third parties.
GR TRAVEL shall not be liable for data and information of the landlord, but only for the proper disclosure of the information of the service provider on the tenant. GR TRAVEL on information leaving the landlord is not liable himself for correctness and timeliness of the contact specified by the landlords and bank details, as here.
GR TRAVEL relies on that the landlord properly thus inform services changes to the holiday accommodation in context. GR TRAVEL is not liable for damages, which result from the fact that landlords are complied with not your duty, to inform about relevant changes.
Instructions and specifications that want to affect not the holiday accommodation, but information about landscape and tourist resort, have non-binding character of the information. All sizes, as well as the distances are estimated values. They communicated by the landlord and are without guarantee.
GR TRAVEL is not liable of accommodations and injuries or damages incurred by the lessee in connection with the brokered accommodations for the availability of the accommodation at the time of the conclusion of the lease and the provision by the landlord, particularly not for deployment. This liability lies with the respective landlord.

The respective landlord is responsible for receiving complaints or objections or claims due to non-contractual contractual provision of the lease as a contractual partner of the tenant from the lease. Complaints the lessee in the accommodation determines that this is not the description or he finds deficiencies, he is obliged to report this immediately. The validity of these claims depends on the general terms and conditions of the respective landlord. After this period (but no later than after 3 days) any claims to the landlord can be more asserted here. The contact details of the respective landlord of services resulting from the lease. Defects are removed immediately by us. GR TRAVEL reserves the right to correct obvious mistakes such as printing and calculation errors or mapping errors in the Internet. The customer compared to the travel agent has to assert claims due to incorrect provision of mediation service. Claims of the lessee against GR TRAVEL, regardless of the legal reason, with the exception of the claims of the lessee in tort, become time-barred after one year.

Customer responsibilities
Damages incurred during the rental period to the leased object must be reported immediately. The renter is obliged in the context of legal provisions to minimise this damage might occur or to avoid.
The customer is in particular obliged having regard to forthwith to a complaint from the travel agency agreement. Should the customer of immediate obligation to provide of information does not comply with, any claims and claims against the travel agents will be invalid.
Not inhabited the rental property (room, apartment or holiday home) with more people than are logged. The landlord must reject excess people.
The tenant must observe the House rules which are laid out in the House. These include night-time rest periods.
Special benefits and claims incurred are to be paid at the latest on departure to the owner or landlord.

Passport, visa and health regulations
The tenant is responsible for scrounging and carrying the necessary travel documents, any necessary vaccinations, and adherence to customs and foreign exchange regulations. Such as the payment of cancellation costs, disadvantages resulting from the non-observance of these rules, go at his expense. GR TRAVEL invites all tenants to put in your own interest themselves fully aware of the relevant laws and regulations in knowledge.
If GR TRAVEL on this site be made notes and exit requirements, health requirements or passport and visa requirements, it is assumed that the prospective tenants are German citizens. For nationals of other States, the competent Consulate gives information. It is pointed out expressly that at any time there is the possibility of changing the rules by public authorities. We will endeavor to inform you of any changes as soon as possible, would suggest however you to pursue even the news media, at an early stage any changes to adjust to. General information get you in particular to the health authorities, journey medically experienced doctors, journey medical information services or the Federal Centre for health education. Since GR TRAVEL regarding this information on the information third parties (service providers and authorities) and there is may change the rules at any time, off GR TRAVEL gives no representations or warranties as to the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information. GR TRAVEL's liability is excluded to the extent.

Choice of law and jurisdiction
These terms and conditions of the GR TRAVEL, and the mediation agreements established by them are subject to Greek law. This also applies to the entire legal relationship. As far as basically not Greek law is applied to claims of the customer against GR TRAVEL abroad for the liability of GR TRAVEL, takes with regard to the legal consequences, particularly with regard to the type, extent and amount of claims of the customer only Greek law application. The customer can sue GR TRAVEL only at its Office. Place of fulfilment and place of jurisdiction for disputes arising from this contractual relationship is town in Corfu Greece Corfu.
For complaints of GR TRAVEL against the customer, the place of residence of the customer is decisive. For claims against customer or contract partner of the Treaty, legal entities of public or private law or persons that are have your domicile or usual place of residence in a foreign country, or the seat is agreed as place of jurisdiction whose residence or habitual residence at the time of which action is not known, of GR TRAVEL.

Final provisions
The invalidity of individual provisions of these General terms and conditions shall not invalidate the entire business agency agreement.
Should one or more of the above provisions be or become invalid, the other provisions remain valid. Gaps are in terms of the remaining provisions to close.

We wish you a wonderful, relaxing holiday.

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The Terms and Conditions were last modified on 08 November 2023.

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